JumpSend Review

posted on 02-Sun-Feb-2020 07:54

If you are an Amazon seller, you must have heard of jump send as it is a popular tool among those selling on Amazon. Now that Jumpsend and Jungle scout have merged, it is now known as ‘Launch’ but offers the same functions and tools and is available with Jungle Scout packages and plans.

However, what you might not know is that both Jumpsend and Jungle Scout were owned by the same company from the beginning but were available as two different apps. Jumpsend is a great tool with several useful features for the sellers. In this article, you will find a detailed jumpsend review.

jumpsend reviews

What is JumpSend?

Jumpsend amazon is a tool that lets sellers increase their sales so that their products can rank higher. It offers two main features; the first one is amazon discounts. Through this feature, you can create coupons for discounts on your product. The other key feature is that it sends automated emails to your customers asking for their feedback.

These two features, if used properly, can help you become a great seller which is why Jumpsend is used by many sellers all around the world.

JumpSend Features

As mentioned, jumpsend offers two key features; jumpsend reviews and jumpsend deals. Here we will discuss them in a bit more detail.

Getting Customer Reviews Through Jumpsend

We all know how important reviews and ratings are for selling the product successfully and generating high sales, which is why all the Amazon sellers are always trying to get feedback fro their customers.

However, not all customers leave a review after purchasing the product simply because either they forget or don’t feel it is important to give feedback. One way to get the customers to rate your item is to personally ask them by sending them emails.

But, this can be a hectic process to individually send emails to each customer and sometimes you can even skip some customers unintentionally. This is where Jumpsend comes in. This tool automatically sends emails to all the people who bought your product and ask them if they can rate your product.

Offering Product Deals and Discounts Through Jumpsend

It isn’t a hidden fact that a new product struggles to get customers’ attention unless it is offering something different and valuable. Also, to reach more customers, your product needs to rank higher so that they can find it easily.

But the problem is that the products with high sales are ranked higher by Amazon. So, if you are launching a new product you have to find a way to generate a large number of sales. A great way of doing this is to offer discounts and deals on your product.

However, creating deals only won’t solve the issue as people still need to see your product. Jumpsend is there to help you with that. It has a search engine where thousands of people search for discounts and deals every day. So, if you use this tool, you increase the chances of your product being found by customers.

Using JumpSend

Discount Creation

To create discounts for your product, this app will first ask you whether you want to use the standard amazon URL or a URL with keywords. After you have selected the type of URL the next step is to set the order limit per customer. This step is to ensure that you don’t sell all your inventory at a very low price.

The next step is to set up the discount percentage and voila your product will be visible on Jumpsend.

Emails for Reviews

This is very easy to do. You have to select an option of when you want to send the email such as after the product is shipped etc. and then you have to write the email content. Once you save the email, it will be sent automatically to the customers.


Jumpsend is definitely an excellent tool especially for new sellers as it can help in making your product more visible.


Q: Are Launch and Jumpsend different?

A: Launch and Jumpsend are actually the same tools. After Jumpsend merged with Jungle Scout it was renamed as Launch.