How to Sell Books on Amazon - All You Need to Know to Start Selling Now!

posted on 03-Mon-Feb-2020 18:46

selling books on amazon

Let's face it; Amazon is the best platform to start selling stuff online. You do not have to spend thousands of dollars to launch your business. In addition, Amazon gives you an exclusive opportunity to start selling private-label products as well as services. The Amazon private-label will help you to have a digital presence in the online marketing sphere because it clearly describes how you sell books on Amazon.

3 Simple Techniques to Sell Books on Amazon

Amazon has been the global online selling platform for more than two decades. As a result, they have developed various techniques that the sellers can use to sell books on Amazon. Here are the 3 simple techniques you can use.

#1 Amazon Trade-In

This option involves selling books on Amazon with buyback or trade-in programs. Basically, you are trading used books on Amazon in exchange for Amazon gift cards. In order to use this type of technique, you need to check if the book you are intending to sell is currently accepted in the Amazon trade-in program.

Suppose the books you have suggested are still accepted, then proceed to submit and you can add more books if you have a plan of selling more.

Thereafter, you need to enter your residential address, print the shipping label and send the books within seven days without incurring any cost.

The books will reach the Amazon warehouse and you will be notified if the books are accepted or denied. If your books are denied, you do not have to worry about that. The books will be returned free of charge

The price you will sell your books will be significantly cheaper than the price you originally bought with, but there is nothing to lose because you have already read the books and you might not touch them again.

#2 Kindle Direct Publishing

If you are an author, then this technique is ideal for you. With Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP), you do not have to find a publisher because you can create, publish and start selling your own books on Amazon.

This option gives you 100% rights to control and keep your book. You can also make changes any time you want and earn up to 70% royalties on Amazon. The main advantage of this technique is that your book reaches the market immediately without incurring additional expenses.

#3 Sell Books on Amazon for Cash

Amazon is not only designed for individuals who sell used books or books authored by themselves but to anyone who wants to sell books to Amazon. There are three distinct ways that you can use to sell books an Amazon even if you have not authored them. Let’s analyze them

  1. Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) –this is where you can post a book for sale but Amazon will handle storage, shipping and entire customer support. Most of the newbies choose these sections until they gain a solid selling base in the system.
  2. Fulfillment by Merchant (FBM) – here, you will be regarded as an FBM seller and you will be responsible for performing every task when your item gets sold. You will need to monitor the storage of books, packaging, shipping and customer service.
  3. Amazon Vendors (AMZ) – this involves selling books to Amazon directly. It is the fastest way to sell your used books to Amazon if you have them filling your shelves.

The Amount You Can Make Selling Books on Amazon

how to sell books on amazon

With the three distinct ways or techniques, you can use to sell books on Amazon, the amount you can earn usually varies.

For Amazon trade-in, you earn based on the number of books you have managed to sell around your house. Textbooks are known to sell better than other kinds of books that they can be accepted by Amazon.

As for the second method, Kindle Direct Publishing can earn you more than you think because you are responsible for the entire selling process. Therefore, it hugely depends on your skills when it comes to marketing and sales.

Finally, reselling books will want you to get focused on making serious money because you are supposed to lay a strategy of selling other authors' books for money. Generally, the amount you can earn on selling books to Amazon depends on how you’re the leads you can generate.